Our People

The team at Concept Tiles Toowoomba are well known for our sense of humour, family culture, and genuinely loving to have a good time whilst working hard. We prefer to think of our clients as actual people rather than just sales, and believe that by taking the time to get to know them, it leads to better design choices and happier customers all round!   

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Mark Manteufel | Owner/Manager

Mark is widely known throughout the community for wearing Hawaiian shirts and putting terrible dad jokes on the Concept Tiles sign near the highway. But he’s also  a respected builder who served the local Toowoomba area for more than 35 years as the owner of Manteufel Homes.  

Even though nowadays his business card says “Owner/Manager”, you can usually find Mark in the warehouse stacking tiles, in the lunchroom stacking biscuits, or occasionally in his office attempting to turn on his computer.

Whilst being colour-blind renders his tile design services slightly below average, he more than makes up for it with his incredible technical knowledge of all things building and renovating.

When he’s not working hard instore, Mark’s hobbies include fixing old cars, racing old cars, and yelling at old cars.  

Meryl Manteufel | Owner/Manager

Meryl has worked side by side with Mark for the last 35 years, firstly as Manteufel Homes and now at Concept Tiles Toowoomba (she is obviously a very patient person).

"I've always thoroughly enjoyed liaising with clients and helping them achieve their dream homes", says Meryl. She also has a passion for business and loves its challenges and rewards.

Meryl keeps her hand in the retail side of the business by assisting on the showroom floor and being involved in customer relations whilst managing Concept Tiles.

In her spare time Meryl loves to relax with family and friends and to have a chat over a good cup of coffee.